Between 2009 - 2017 I have created a series on canvas (and wall) called "Animal Tunes".
The series “Animal Tunes” is based on Music instruments in combination with animals and how they interact with each other. Animals are pure honesty, they don’t pretend. With both the animals and the instruments I play around with themes like: Rhythm of Life, Noise (both Color and Sound), forms and shapes, sayings, song titles, etc.

For these paintings I use instant coffee and acrylics. The warm brownish color of coffee creates a nostalgic atmosphere (like an old yellowed photo) and therefore keeps the paintings decent.

BLUE - A tribute to Nina Simone; carved out of MDF wood and painted with acrylics and spray paint
Daniel Doebner (aka “Besok”) (DE) is an Amsterdam-based
artist with such a musical eye for magical realism that it has
made him one of the most melodious artists to blossom from
the European urban art scene. His passion for soulful subjects
in song can transition through different bodies, from birds to
Dizzy Gillespie and dreamy divas. His series are inspired by
emotions derived from deeply-rooted jazz, hip hop, rhythm
and blues. Doebner is a master at playfully combining organic
characters with elements of sound that often go overlooked.
His combination of acrylic and aerosol drips create a vintage
look that, when place on jute canvas, bring a sense of a rustic
natural to his portraits on sepia-toned palates. The faces and
instruments portrayed meet as if there is a dialog, a struggle, a
romance, a desire. Background coloration are from stains of
coffee grounds, carefully blended to give a vintage foundation
beneath the subjects.

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